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Every musician can benefit from our music production lessons. Many people are lucky enough to have an inherent sense of sound, but to utilize this sense properly, you need to have a strong knowledge base. In our music production classes, you’ll learn the fundamentals of digital music production, including drum sequencing, music theory, and studio etiquette.

Get Live With Ableton

We firmly believe that we provide the best music production classes Los Angeles has to offer. We use the Ableton Live DAW because it’s widely regarded as the industry standard, with cutting-edge features that allow for on-the-fly creativity and endless experimentation. Ableton is extremely powerful, yet highly intuitive — the perfect platform for beginners and experts alike. Our music production lessons prepare you for the long career ahead.

Expand Your Skill Set

Our students come from music. They’re creatives who defy convention and push the boundaries of what’s possible. Many of them are self-taught and have advanced as far as they can on their own. Nothing else out there can compare to studying with world-renowned producers. If you want to emerge as a reputable producer, you must have in-depth knowledge of the full scope of the program.

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We invite you to explore our alumni showcase to hear our former students’ work. Our music production course has been crucial in furthering the careers of our alumni, and they’ll do the same for you. If your goal is to move from outside the industry to a successful career within it, we highly recommend attending all six of our Live Online program.

For those who wish to learn at their own pace, we also offer an On-Demand Online courses — simply purchase the courses that interest you, and you can enjoy convenient learning anywhere and anytime.

Whether you prefer live online classes or in-depth on-campus courses, you can’t go wrong with our music production lessons. Enroll today and join the ranks of the legendary producers at 1500 Sound Academy.

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