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Artist Branding

Artist Branding

Musician Branding Course

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So, you’ve got the sound, now what? At 1500 Sound Academy, we’ll teach you how to build your image from the ground up and do it right the first time. Don’t compromise your career – let us show you the ins and outs of an industry in constant motion. Artist branding can be the difference between artists who make it in music and those who don’t.

Our instructors have insider knowledge and current connections across the country. That means we know exactly what agents and labels are looking for when they see and hear you for the first time. This course covers everything from your name to your album art. We work with you on building a one-of-a-kind image that is essential to making your mark.

Course Concepts

Every artist we work with has an inner spark, but learning to exemplify true stardom is an art in itself. At 1500 Sound Academy, our Artist Branding Course helps you reinvent yourself and your music brand. You’ll learn about:

  • Booking tours
  • Promoting your next album
  • Recognizing your audience
  • Discovering your artistic identity
  • Navigating contracts
  • Collaborating with other musicians

Our courses are all geared toward helping you make connections and gain real experience in the music industry.

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Making lasting industry connections is as simple as booking a campus tour or exploring our in-person and online program options. We make it easy to take professional music classes from home. Already a talented musician? Our Artist Branding class instructors are passionate about bringing your career to the next level by teaching a curriculum created by industry professionals. Explore our full course offerings and begin enrollment today at 1500 Sound Academy.