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Songwriting Course Overview

On-Campus and Live Online

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Our songwriting class instills the hard and soft skills that allow you to express yourself without boundaries. To put out your best work, you don’t just need to know how to write lyrics — you need to know the why behind them. Thanks to our world-renowned instructors, 1500 Sound Academy offers the best songwriting classe in Los Angeles and online.

Find Your Voice

Sometimes the best songs happen by accident or a sudden stroke of genius, but that’s the exception to the rule — our top songwriting course instructors know that most great hits were meticulously crafted and refined. Instead of waiting for inspiration to strike, you’ll learn to approach your creative process with in-depth knowledge that leads to those “Eureka!” moments regularly.

Get Inspired

Whether your goals are to write for yourself or other artists — or both — you must know how to create professional songs to make it in this industry. We can’t guarantee you’ll write the next #1 single when you attend our songwriting school in Los Angeles or online, but we can guarantee you’ll be on the track to success. After all, even if you’re lucky to score a hit, you need to be able to follow it up with another successful song, again and again. That’s why our professional Songwriting Course is crafted to prepare you for a sustainable songwriting career.

We teach you the rules so you can go on to break them once you’ve mastered them. Our course covers:

  • Lyric and melody writing
  • Song structure and analysis
  • Advanced music theory
  • And More

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We’ve had some serious talent enroll in our songwriting class over the years, and you can hear some of their work in our alumni showcase section. If you want to learn how to make music like them, we offer five other classes to help you become a well-rounded professional by working with instructors in real time. Want to learn at your own pace? Our On-Demand Online courses allow you to take courses anytime, anywhere. Ready to take our world-class songwriting course? Enroll now to bring your songwriting to new levels.