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Music & Industry Fundamentals

Thrive in the music industry with comprehensive training in our very own Music & Industry Fundamentals Program. Professionals at 1500 Sound Academy offer all the in-depth knowledge you need in order to begin or expand your career in music. Our program includes production, composition, songwriting, engineering techniques, branding, marketing, and recording. Browse our course selection below:

Music Production

Our music production program covers the art and science of creating a track from start to finish. Our music producer class is designed by an Ableton-certified instructor and provides students with a toolbox to draw from including knowledge of hardware, software, and musicianship! Learn basic concepts, terminology, and professional studio track composition. Students in our music production program engage actively in basic techniques including creating 808’s, building sampler instruments, and forming precise arrangements using Ableton live.


To rise to the top, you’ll need to get the sound spot on. Learn to record a vocalist with professional sound. Our engineering course includes learning recording techniques when producing music using EQ and compression, recording templates, time-based effects, learning how to use audio programs, and more. Your digital audio workstation (DAW) is the centerpiece of the recording studio and a key focus of our Music & Industry Fundamentals Program. All engineering is taught using Pro Tools. Learn to set up and use microphones and recording equipment. Develop your skills using digital audio fundamentals, Melodyne, Auto-Tune, and Vocalign in our master class.


Songwriters create timeless emotion from melody and lyrics. Learn to write and develop melodic arcs, invert chords, create harmonies and tell a story through music. This course demystifies the songwriting process. The course explores concepts such as co-writing, studio etiquette, recording, and networking. You’ll learn to “write the phrase that pays” and set a melody to lyrics. Whether you’re new to songwriting or have experience in the business already, this module will take you to


A great mix can make or break a song. This course covers music mixing fundamentals like using your instinct to get it right and using advanced vocal processing tools. Learn to balance levels in vocal and music production. Our course helps you reimagine your role as a mixer. Current mix delivery requirements are always in flux but you’ll stay on top of the latest developments in our mixing classes with instructors currently active in the business. All mixing is taught using Pro Tools to create harmonic effects, advanced compression, EQ automation, and mastering.

Music Business

Manage a successful music career according to the experts. Our music business class teaches you how to manage professional contracts, publish your music, stream on major platforms, and handle copyrights and taxes. Learn how to build your own team of managers, lawyers, and record labels. Connect with performance rights organizations and protect your artistry. This course outlines the pillars of a music creator’s corporate structure so you’ll be ready to take your music to the marketplace.

Artist Branding

Know how to market your artist and brand. The artist is the personality behind musical movements and cultural shifts. Navigate the ins and outs of song distribution and online presence to optimize your outreach and build a network of fans and supporters from the ground up. From music video production to social media marketing, this course in our music program will help you develop a networking strategy that works. This engaging course in our Music & Industry Fundamentals Program digs deep into the psyche of the artist as well as the practical side, including setting up an authentic brand and performance.

2024 Course Schedule

April 30, 2024 Mixing
May 28, 2024 Music Business
June 25, 2024 Artist Branding
July 30, 2024 Music Production
August 27, 2024 Engineering
September 24, 2024 Songwriting
October 22, 2024 Mixing
November 19, 2024 Music Business
January 7, 2025 Artist Branding
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On-Campus Program

Los Angeles

Students enjoy six-month, on-campus programs focusing on music production and other essential skills. Our program is designed to prepare students to launch their careers in a short amount of time. Our music production program contains a range of skills that are crucial to thrive in the music industry.

There are two Enrollment Options:

  • Full Program (6 Courses). The full program costs $12,500 and includes six courses.
  • Individual Course(s). Choosing individual courses costs $2,250 per course.

Live Online Program

Live Online with Instructor
Our Live Online Program is taught by an Instructor in a virtual classroom setting—that means all of our courses, from songwriting to production, are virtually streamed in real time to wherever you are.

There are two Enrollment Options for this program:

  • Full Program (6 Courses). The full program costs $8,640 and includes six courses.
  • Individual Course(s). Choosing individual courses costs $1,800 per course.
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Learn music production skills and launch your career in as little as six months of study. Our comprehensive On-Campus Music & Industry Fundamentals Program focuses on music production and other essential skills in the music business.

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