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Music Business Course Overview

On-Campus and Live Online
Our Live Online and On-Demand music business course gives you the skills and knowledge required to navigate every corner of the music industry. You already have the talent and the drive, but our industry experts and cutting-edge classes teach you how to channel this passion into the music business management side of the industry. If you’re ready to level up and take charge of your career, we’re ready to work with you.

Enter an Evolving Industry

Learn what it takes to find the best deals in the business and achieve an inside edge. Our music business course takes you through all the ins and outs. Network with insiders and learn how to create a lucrative career in music. Finding your place in the music business requires an in-depth knowledge of contracts, publishing, taxes, as well as streaming and copyright laws. Work with experts who are currently in the business and keep up with this ever-evolving industry.


Master the Technical Side of the Industry

It happens to artists all the time: you focus so heavily on your craft that you overlook the other crucial aspect of your career — navigating the industry and ensuring you’re getting properly compensated for your hard work. Forging a reputation as a bonafide professional is rarely easy, but our music business course gives you the edge when it’s time to make a deal. We’ll cover the fundamentals of music business management

Build a team from the ground up and find the best deals in the business. You’ll learn about performance rights, essential music organizations, networking in the community, and more. 

Make Industry Connections

You can’t call the shots unless you know what you’re doing. It’s that simple. Making industry connections is your gateway to breaking through - let our music business course and industry leaders guide you to success. Our trailblazing music institution strives to provide you with the tools you need to represent yourself or other top talents. 

The music industry can be tough - but not if you know the right people. Protect your earnings and your reputation - gain essential knowledge to protect yourself and other artists through understanding the corporate music business management model and navigating on your own.

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For full foundational training, enroll in the Music & Industry Fundamentals program. Each course lasts one month and takes you on a journey to a new career in music led by top music professionals currently practicing in the industry. With our full course enrollment, you’ll be ready to make big moves in just six months and begin a new career path.


Choose our Live Online courses individually or explore our On-Demand Online courses to learn at your own pace. Our in-person enrollment options in beautiful sunny California offer connections to practicing artists and industry headliners.

Ready to make the first big move and get down to business? Start enrollment in our world-class music business course now.

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