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1500 Sound Academy’s On-Demand Online Music Courses are for you to learn at your own pace and hone your skills to a professional level at your convenience, globally, anywhere. We offer a range of online courses for music production, engineering, mixing, and more. Each course contains pre-recorded video content that is designed with the flexibility to complete at your own speed.

Music Production Music production combines the art of music and science of technology to oversee a track from concept to reality. The music producer’s toolbox is a sophisticated combination of hardware, software and musicianship that is synthesized together with inspiration to create magic!
The Music Production course activities cover the fundamentals of preparation and building an instrumental, which includes: drum patterns, chord progressions and melodies.
Activity 1: Create the following drum patterns using midi clips in your DAW.
Activity 2: Create a beat that includes a chord progression, melody, bass-line and drum pattern.
Activity 3: Create a Production Template by adding different instrument tracks to your session and saving the template.

Engineering Engineering is the backbone of sonic integrity. The digital audio workstation (DAW) is the centerpiece of the recording studio and a key focus of this course. Engineering breaks down the fundamentals of getting sound into the DAW correctly, then shaping sounds using EQ, compression and other techniques. Special attention is given to recording a vocalist for the best sound quality possible.
The Engineering activities cover the fundamentals of editing vocal takes, comping, and creating a recording template in a DAW.
Activity 1: Practice editing functions on Pro Tools by removing empty spaces and adding fades at the ends of audio clips. Activity 2: Create a comped vocal with the following vocal takes in the playlists. Make sure to add fades and remove any empty spaces in-between phrases. Activity 3:Create a recording template in Pro Tools, which includes audio tracks, aux tracks, and a master fader.

Songwriting Songwriters create timeless emotion from melody and lyrics. This course demystifies the songwriting process and arms the modern songwriter with melodic and lyrical concepts to deepen their craft. Whether you’re new to songwriting or have experience in the music industry, this module will help you improve.
The Songwriting activities cover rhyme patterns, free-writing, creative titles and melodies.
Activity 1: Use the following document to practice writing lyric lines with different rhyme patterns. Activity 2: Use the following template below to free-write for 20 minutes. Activity 3: Write a list of short titles in order to create a title bank. Activity 4:. Write lyrics and melody to a chord progression

Mixing The mixing process is the final step between production and consumption.  Mixing requires thorough procedures and detail with specific attention given to each and every track in a song.  Certain tools used during production and engineering remain, but are reimagined and repurposed during the mixing process.  The Mixing course features active listening and vocal processing tools.
The Mixing activity covers the fundamentals of mixing multitracks of a recorded song, which include various instruments and vocals.
Activity: Use the multi-track session to create a mix.  Employ volume, panning and various other effects to create a mix.

Music Business Music creators also act as copyright owners, brand owners and publishing companies. This course outlines the pillars of a music creator’s corporate structure. Independent musicians are commonly responsible for transactions such as contracts, publishing licenses, streaming/distribution and synchronization licenses. Students will learn to manage their creativity while taking their music to all major streaming services within the marketplace.

Artist BrandingThe artist is the personality behind musical movements and cultural shifts.  Many of the most successful artists are laser focused on their brand and image.  This focus is innate within the artist and comes from their desire to express themselves and share their message.  The artist must also foster their network of fans and supporters. This course discusses and dissects both the artist and the practicalities of artistry.

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Earn a digital badge for each 1500 Sound Academy’s On-Demand Online Music Courses. You can purchase all six courses together or individually.

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Seige Monstracity Music Producer, Sound Designer

Seige Monstracity is an anomaly in the music industry. He rides the fence, providing the contemporary soundtracks for successful commercial artists such as YG, Tyrese, Keisha Cole, and Marsha Ambrosius, as well as producing grimey backdrops for underground artists like Bizarre, Bad Lucc, and Namebrand.

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Dave Hampton Technical Director and one of the Design Engineers for 1500 Sound Academy

Dave Hampton is a 40+ year Grammy Award winning veteran of the audio recording industry. In addition to engineering, He still consults with manufacturers on new technology, lecturers on survival in the industry, and continues to design custom studios and creative spaces for some of entertainments top artists.

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Kosine 9x Grammy-Nominated, multi-platinum producer and songwriter

Is a notable actor and entertainer, also known as 1/2 of the LA based production duo Da Internz. He’s a 9xGrammy-Nominated, Multi-Platinum Producer and Songwriter, responsible for some of the biggest hits for Nicki Minaj, Rihanna, Big Sean, Justin Bieber, Nas and more. He’s also an On-Air Personality for Apple Music Beats 1, which broadcasts live in over 110 Countries worldwide. He’s both a graduate and former professor of Columbia College of Chicago and has also given a TEDx Talk at his alma mater.

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Brian Kennedy Producer/Writer/Composer

4X Grammy Award winner and musical phenomenon, Brian Kennedy, contributed to Oscar winner Jennifer Hudson’s self-titled debut album as a writer and producer. The effort earned him his first Grammy for Best R&B Album at the 2009 awards ceremony. Revered as a piano prodigy, Kennedy’s musical genius has afforded him the opportunity to work with several top artists and producers, including Smokie Robinson, Timbaland, Lady GaGa, Rascal Flatts, Kelly Clarkson, Dallas Davidson, Dr. Dre Backstreet Boys, David Foster, Clive Davis, Natasha Bedingfield, legendary songwriter Diane Warren, and many others.

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Young Guru Audio Engineer

An American audio engineer, record producer, disc jockey, and record executive from Wilmington, Delaware. In 2019, Young Guru won a Grammy Award for Best Urban Contemporary Album for mixing the album Everything Is Love by The Carters. He has worked with many leading recording artists, most notably Jay-Z, and an April 2015 Wall Street Journal profile called him “the most famous and successful engineer in the history of hip-hop”

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Harmony Samuels Record Producer

Harmony David Samuels (born 16 May 1980), also known as H-Money or “H”, is an English record producer, multi-instrumentalist and songwriter. He has produced a multitude of hits for artists such as Brandy, Jennifer Lopez, Mary J. Blige, Ariana Grande, Fifth Harmony, Chip, Ciara, Fantasia, Chris Brown, Keyshia Cole, Ne-Yo and more.

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Bianca “Blush” Atterberry Songwriter/Artist

Bianca “Blush” Atterberry Is an Emmy Award Winning, Multi Platinum Selling Singer/Songwriter. Blush has been working in the music Industry and a part of albums worldwide since early age of 19. She collectively has sold over 1.5 million records as a songwriter. She had been able to work her way into rooms with Award winning artists such as Demi Lovato, Mary J Blige, Chris Brown, Meghan Trainor,Kelly Clarkson, Timbaland, DJ Snake, just to name a few.

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Jozzy Artist/Songwriter

Musical Singer/producer Jozzy started out behind the scenes writing songs for much more established artists. After a big break early on when she connected with Timbaland and worked on tracks with the legendary producer, the floodgates opened and Jozzy began writing for and collaborating with everyone from Beyoncé to Chris Brown to Pitbull.

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Sterling Simms Songwriter/Artist

Born and raised in Philadelphia, R&B singer and songwriter Sterling Simms formed the songwriting company Knightwritahz with several other writers. Through his company, Simms wrote songs for several R&B singers, including Mario and Tyrese. In 2014 he signed with the indie label One Recordings, which led to his demo falling into the hands of Island Def Jam executive Antonio “L.A.” Reid. Simms was then picked up by Def Jam and even appeared on rap superstar Jay-Z’s comeback album Kingdom Come at 2006’s end. Around the same time, his single “Jump Off,” featuring rapper Sean Paul of YoungBloodZ, was enjoying regular rotation on urban radio.

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Max Gousse Senior VP A&R/Manager

Producer/a&r of Beyonce’s #1 albums Bday and I am Sasha Fierce, Dreamgirls sdtrk, Kelly Rowland, Michelle Williams, b2k, you got served sdtrk, Barbershop sdtrk, Cadillac Records sdtrk Executive Producer of #1 box office hit “You Got Served”

Max Gousse, who heads the West Coast a&r Department for island Def Jam music group, has been a very successful a&r exec for nearly 20 years. The Los Angeles-based Gousse is perhaps best known for handling a&r for two of Beyonce’s biggest albums (I am…Sasha Fierce and B’day), for discovering and developing the Platinum r&b group b2k, and for a&r-ing the Multi-Platinum Dreamgirls soundtrack album.

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Todd Cooper Tracking & Mixing Engineer

In the past 15 years Todd Cooper (tracking/mixing engineer) has worked on thousands of songs with artists from all walks of life. A graduate from Expression college for Digital Arts in 2005, he operated Street Symphony studios in Fremont, CA until he made the move to LA in 2015. Some of his credits include: Travis Scott, Shawn Mendes, Gucci Mane, Pop Smoke, Pitbull, Will Smith, Kiana Léde, Jay Sean, Larry June, Duckwrth, Tinashe, Luke James, Yellow Claw, Snoop Dogg, E-40 and the list keeps going.

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Ally Brooke Multi Platinum Singer-Songwriter

Ally Brooke grew up in San Antonio, Texas. Following her time in Fifth Harmony, the multi platinum singer-songwriter kicked off her highly anticipated solo career in 2019 with back-to-back Top 40 charting singles and an impressive resume of genre-bending collaborations including “All Night” with Afrojack which marked her first #1 as a solo artist on US Dance Radio. A life-long entertainer, Ally competed on ABC’s Dancing With The Stars before embarking on her debut headline Time To Shine Tour in early 2020 with scheduled stops including a sold out show at New York’s Gramercy Theatre. With total career streams already in the billions, Ally is only just getting started.

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Tuff Morgan VP of A&R, Peermusic

Tuff Morgan has over 15 years of music industry experience that includes work as an artist, producer, songwriter, manager, publisher, and A&R rep. Tuff was previously Senior Director of A&R, peermusic. He first joined peermusic in 2014 as Director of Pop & Urban Music, though he worked with the company in a consulting capacity before coming on full-time.

He got his start in music during college when he landed a record deal with KRS-One and Capitol Records. After a Gold album and multiple major label deals, he moved to the West coast where he collaborated with producer Mike City on projects for artists including Dr. Dre, Method Man, The Game, Busta Rhymes, Melanie Fiona and Rhianna. Morgan’s creative work segued into various development, management and A&R roles with artists including Jheryl Busby (Umbrella Records) and Brian Turner (Melee/Priority Records). Morgan subsequently secured an imprint deal with Def Jam and Kanye West’s G.O.O.D. Music and a joint venture with peermusic. He joined peermusic shortly thereafter.