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Music & Industry Fundamentals

1500 Sound Academy is proud to offer a comprehensive Music & Industry Fundamentals Program that includes music production and everything you need to know to thrive in the music business. From production and engineering techniques to branding and marketing, our students graduate from our innovative program with the in-depth skills required to go from zero to a career. Here’s a look at our courses:

Music Production Music production, the heart of the program, covers the art and science of creating a track from concept to reality. The music producer’s toolbox is a sophisticated combination of hardware, software, and musicianship! This course introduces today’s songwriters to the basic concepts, terminology, and techniques of modern studio track composition. 

Engineering The digital audio workstation (DAW) is the centerpiece of the recording studio, and a key focus of our Music & Industry Fundamentals Program. Engineering breaks down the fundamentals of getting sound into the DAW the right way and shaping your sound on the way-out using EQ and compression, among other techniques. Special attention is given to recording a vocalist for the best sound quality possible.

Songwriting Songwriters create timeless emotion from melody and lyrics. This course demystifies the songwriting process and arms the modern songwriter with melodic and lyrical concepts to deepen their craft. Whether you’re new to songwriting or have experience in the music industry, this module will help you improve. Social aspects of songwriting such as studio etiquette and co-writing are also covered.

Mixing The mix can make or break a song and when it’s done right, no one even notices. This course is about listening and knowing what you want things to sound like. Within the construct of learning how to listen, many of the production and recording tools are reimagined for the role of the mixer. Advanced vocal processing tools are also introduced.

Music Business Music creators are copyright owners, brand owners, and publishing companies, whether they know it or not. The Music Business course in our Music & Industry Fundamentals Program outlines the pillars of a music creator’s corporate structure. Once the structure is established, there will be transactions in the forms of contracts, publishing, and streaming. Students also learn how to take their music to the marketplace for the world to hear.

Artist Branding The artist is the personality behind musical movements and cultural shifts. It may seem like an effortless materialization, but many of the most successful artists are laser-focused on their brand and image. The artist must also foster their network of fans and supporters. This engaging course in our Music & Industry Fundamentals Program digs deep into the psyche of the artist as well as the practical side, including setting up an authentic brand and performance.

2021-2022 Course Schedule

October 26, 2021 Mixing
November 30, 2021 Music Business
January 4, 2022 Artist Branding
February 1, 2022 Music Production
March 1, 2022 Engineering
April 5, 2022 Songwriting
May 3, 2022 Mixing
June 7, 2022 Music Business
July 5, 2022 Artist Branding
August 2, 2022 Music Production
August 30, 2022 Engineering
September 27, 2022 Songwriting
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Los Angeles Students enjoy a 6-month, On-Campus Music & Industry Fundamentals Program focusing on music production and other essential skills in the music business. The program is designed to prepare students to launch their careers in a short amount of time. They learn a wide range of skills that are crucial if they want to thrive in the music industry.

There are two Enrollment Options:

  • The full On-Campus Courses costs $12,500 and includes six Courses.
  • Choosing individual Courses costs $2,250 per Course.
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Our Live Online Music & Industry Fundamentals Program is taught by an Instructor in a virtual classroom setting—that means our courses are in real-time, yet virtually streamed from the comfort of your home.

There are two Enrollment Options:

  • The full Live Online Courses costs $8,640 and includes six Course.
  • Choosing individual Courses costs $1,800 per Course.
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