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Music industry networking is crucial for anyone who’s trying to get their career started. Whether you’re a solo act, band, producer, or engineer, knowing how to network in the music industry could change the trajectory and longevity of your career and give you an edge in an incredibly competitive field. If you’re wondering how to break into the music industry by making music industry connections, start with a few basic strategies:

Get Out There and Perform

While this tip may seem obvious, if you’re an artist, it’s also the most important! Whether it’s at a local pub, wedding, or friend’s birthday, finding a venue is a must for music industry networking. You never know who will show up or what video will go viral. It’s not easy learning how to network in the music industry, but perseverance goes a long way.

Always Have a Business Card

No matter your specialty in the music industry, you should always have a business card on you.

Your talent is needed, and if you want people to have access to your number, social media profile, and website, you should have it in a tangible form. This is one of the most important tools to have in your arsenal of music industry networking. Make sure the card is professional and high-quality, and be sure to design it in a style that speaks true to you and your branding.

Go to a Variety of Networking Events

Music industry networking isn’t exclusive to the music industry. Going to a variety of events and outings increases your chances of getting noticed and meeting other connected people in entertainment. When it comes to making music industry connections, it’s important to look beyond record labels and studios. If you’re at a business event, use the title of musician to stand out. This creates a uniqueness about you that will draw people to you and broaden your network as a result.

Use Social Media

Social media is one of the most necessary tools for musicians. Producers, mixers, engineers, and performers need to regularly maintain their social profiles as a means of music industry networking. Posting often, developing a brand, and engaging with your fans will increase your views and possibly get you more connected in the music industry. If you want to know how to network in the music industry, you have to know how to use your social media to showcase your talent, skill, and music.

Follow Up and Follow Through

It’s easily overlooked, but simply following up and following through can take you to some pretty high places in the music industry. If you meet someone and say you’re going to reach out, do that! Even if it seems like a dead-end, you never know where people can lead you.

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