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Enroll in our music and DJ courses to learn how to become a well-rounded musician. Industry experts guide you in your journey and teach you the ins and outs of a career in the music industry.

Explore our world-class courses for a comprehensive education. Jump-start your career with classes in music production, engineering, songwriting, CDJs & Mixers, and more - all led by experts in the music industry:

Join us in the following courses:

Music Production

Our music production course begins with foundational skills including drum sequencing, music theory, and modern studio etiquette. Bring your sound to life with an Ableton-certified instructor and create 808’s, build sampler instruments, and put together unique arrangements.

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Get your sound into our modern digital workstations and learn the ins and outs of digital audio fundamentals in our engineering course. Record using pro tools and hone your skills with microphones and professional recording equipment. Explore dynamic and time-based effects including Vocalign, Auto-Tune, and Melodyne. Learn to set up your own gear and create flawless arrangements at our audio engineering school in Los Angeles.

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To become a musician, you need to know how to write lyrics and catchy melodic hooks. We cover the structure of songwriting, song analysis, and advanced music theory. In this course, you’ll learn to write harmonies and create music from a storytelling perspective. Gain experience with the fundamentals guided by the artists themselves.

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Discover the fundamentals of music mixing at an elite audio engineering school. Our experienced instructors fine-tune your ability to balance levels, learn vocal production skills, and bring your vision to life in courses that provide you with the skills needed to succeed in the music business. Practice harmonic effects, advanced compression, automation, and mastering techniques.

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Music Business

Carving out a career in the music business takes work and dedication. Learn what it takes behind the scenes and gain essential knowledge regarding contracts, publishing, taxes, streaming, and copyright laws. Learn how to build a team of managers and lawyers to find the best deals in the business. You’ll learn about performance rights, essential music organizations, and more. This class gives you what it takes to pursue a lucrative career with confidence.

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Artist Branding

Artist branding is about finding your time to shine. Grow your fanbase and learn everything you need to know about reaching your audience. From music video production to crafting your message and story, you’ll be learning the ins and outs of establishing your brand. Song distribution and effective social media marketing strategies are also taught. Help artists, or yourself, gain time in the spotlight by networking with Los Angeles musicians - the best in the business.

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DJ Essentials

Becoming a professional DJ begins with the fundamentals of digital digging, music organization, mixing, equipment, and the history of DJing as an artform. This course is for anyone looking to begin DJing and will cover all the technical skills necessary to do so. Topics covered include the history of Disc Jockeys and two-turntable systems, DJ controllers, mixing fundamentals, Serato DJ Pro and digital crate digging.

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CDJs & Mixers

This course is designed for aspiring DJs who would like to arm themselves with versatile technical skill sets to be prepared for any type of gig. Specific topics include DJ hardware configuration, Rekordbox, playlist preparation, hot cues, BPM and grid adjustment, performing from USB flash drives, sorting tracks, beat sync, master tempo and looping using Pioneer CDJ-3000s and Pioneer DJM-750MK2 DJ Mixers.

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Art of Mixing

DJs express their creativity in subtle but effective ways. Subtle nuances in mixing styles, musical taste and the ability to read a crowd are what give DJs their sonic signatures. In order to fully express oneself creatively as a DJ, it is necessary to learn different methods of mixing to truly find your own style. This course dives deep into beat matching, harmonic mixing, looping, remixing, tempo mixing, audio effects, scratching and utilizing song structures.

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DJ Performance

Professional DJs often have to perform long sets in dramatically different environments. Festivals, clubs, private parties, corporate events and livestreams all have unique demands and expectations surrounding them. Because of this, the modern DJ has to be prepared to provide their experience properly in different settings. This course covers DJ preparedness, performance etiquette, long performances, mix pacing, streaming setups, recording, creating and editing mixes and releasing mixes.

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DJ Music Business

This course illustrates the foundation of a DJ’s corporate structure. DJs are often responsible for business transactions such as contracts, publishing licenses, streaming/distribution and synchronization licenses. Management, performance contracts, residencies, budgeting, streaming legalities, booking agents and music copyrights are discussed, studied and explored. Students will learn to make strategic business decisions and grow their DJ career.

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DJ Branding

DJs are the tastemakers and crowd shakers who directly engage with the fan bases of many artists. Most successful DJs take their brand and image into significant consideration. One of the key distinguishing factors between two DJs is the way they present themselves. This course centers around creating and maintaining an image and brand that aligns values, aesthetics, taste and creativity as a professional DJ.

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Intro To Vocal Techniques 

Intro to Vocal Techniques acquaints students with the fundamental concepts of singing that activate vocal freedom and a healthy voice. Students will learn the fundamentals of singing, including: breath support, phonation for pitch accuracy, resonance for tonal variety and articulation for clarity.

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Advanced Vocal Techniques 

Advanced Vocal Techniques explores complex vocal concepts such as range, expression and vocal health. Students will learn methods that increase the vocal registers, blend the voice and express stylistic choices such as riffs while developing a consistent practice routine geared towards optimal vocal hygiene.

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Vocal Performance 

The Vocal Performance course combines the art of singing with elements of stage performance and collaboration. Storytelling through expressive singing, stage presence, body language and choreography is emphasized, in addition to stage awareness and collaborative techniques.

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Vocal Recording 

This course provides singers with a foundation of the necessary concepts and terminology for recording vocals. Modern recording techniques will be explored and demonstrated, including the use of GarageBand, microphones, audio interfaces and best editing practices.

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Advanced Vocal Recording 

This course provides students with the ability to understand the studio recording process, troubleshoot vocal chains, select the proper microphone for a vocal recording session, arrange background vocals, build a vocal recording studio, create a rough mix of vocal tracks and deliver files to clients and collaborators.

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The Business of Singing

The Business of Singing course prepares a singer for a professional career in music. In addition to performance skills, a professional singer must understand how to attain and manage work as a professional. This course lays the groundwork with an emphasis on audition techniques, business basics, branding and social media as a calling card.

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