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On-Campus Enrollment

This six-month On-Campus Music & Industry Fundamentals Program develops a musical artist’s skills to succeed at all aspects of the business. In this music school, you’ll learn a wide range of skills required to thrive in the music industry.

  • $12,500 when enrolled in Full Program (6 Courses)
  • $2,250 per Course

On-Campus Enrollment
Tuition payment processed after Interview and Acceptance to the 1500 Sound Academy.


Engineering: This course addresses vocal recording techniques, including getting sound into the digital audio workstation the right way. Learn digital audio fundamentals and recording templates. Engineering is taught in Pro Tools. Have an in-depth review of microphones and recording equipment, dynamic and time-based effects, vocal recording, Melodyne, Auto Tune and Vocalign.

Music Business: The music business class at our school covers the foundations of managing a music career. Contracts, publishing, streaming, copyright, taxes… it’s all here. How to build a team, managers, lawyers, types of record deals, record labels, sampling and performance rights organizations.

Artist Branding: An artist must have a solid brand, but they must also know how to market it. Learn how, including the ins and outs of song distribution and online presence for music artists, producers, and other industry professionals. Learn messaging and story, audience analysis, music video production, how to generate cover art, social media marketing and strategy, networking, and negotiation.

Music Production: Addresses all the foundations of digital music production in this dynamic course. From drum sequencing to music theory for producers, plus a bit of studio etiquette, everything you need to know for a successful career begins here. Production is taught in Ableton Live. This course was designed by an Ableton-certified instructor, uses Ableton to create 808’s, build sampler instruments, and create arrangements.

Songwriting: This course covers the structure of songs, lyric and melody writing, and song analysis. You’ll also touch on more advanced aspects of music theory. Use literary tools, write “the phrase that pays”, write and develop melodic arcs, invert chords, write harmony, set melody to lyrics, and write from a storytelling perspective.

Mixing: Mixing covers the fundamentals of music mixing. Without a solid mix, a song can easily fail. This course addresses balancing levels, effects, automation, mastering and current delivery requirements. Mixing is taught in Pro Tools. Prepare Pro Tools for mixing, harmonic effects, advanced compression and eq, automation and mastering.


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Q: Can I do the program on my own schedule?

Q: How do I access the school content?

A: The Academy uses an online delivery system that is accessible from a computer or mobile device at any time.

Q: Are there any academic requirements to enroll?

A: A high school diploma or GED, an application, and an interview are required to enroll in the On-Campus Program.

Q: Is the Academy accredited?

A: The Academy is approved to operate by the Bureau of Private Postsecondary Education, a division of the California Consumer Affairs Department, and offers certificates of completion for their programs. The Academy is not accredited by a national or regional accreditation body.