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Co-Founders, James Faulteroy and Larrance Dopson, believe the future starts with the youth by training the next generation of tech and entertainment professionals, leaders and entrepreneurs a solid foundation as they aspire to succeed in the music industry and beyond. We are committed to working with the State of California Department of Education to establish new core competencies for the state’s public schools. Our K-12 partners go above and beyond finding ways to plant the seed of computer literacy through music education.

WURRLYedu and Soundtrap offers customized 1500 Sound Academy career technical music education for national K-12 districts, schools and teachers. Modules such as Music Production & Songwriting, Recording & Mixing and Music Business and Artist Branding give K-12 students the opportunity to learn foundational tools necessary to successfully create and market their art and how to take their music to the marketplace for the world to hear. Learn more about our Academic Pricing.

SoLa Technology and Entrepreneurship Center Powered by Riot Games offers 1500 Sound Academy’s WURRLYedu K-12 program, empowering and teaching students the skills and knowledge necessary to achieve a successful career in music production, sound engineering, songwriting or performance. The “SoLa Studio Powered by 1500 Sound Academy” offers meaningful courses, skills-based technology programming and career development opportunities for underinvested communities, ensuring Black and Brown South Los Angeles residents get increased access to jobs, mentorship, and placement in the most competitive fields of businesses.

The SoLa Technology and Entrepreneurship Center Powered by Riot Games is committed to funding and providing a pipeline of trained and qualified candidates to attend 1500 Sound Academy’s post-secondary Music & Industry Fundamentals Program at the Inglewood, California campus. 1500 Sound Academy students and alumni can give back to the community and help the future generation youth as they aspire to succeed in the music industry as mentors or interns at the center. Learn more about the SoLa Studio Powered by 1500 Sound Academy.

iD Tech, the world leader in STEM education, expands their certificate-granting Online Teen Academies to include a 1500 Sound Academy Music Production course to help unleash a teen’s imagination while instilling in-demand skills that will make their college apps pop. With an expert blend of live instruction, video insights, and interactive experimentation, this course empowers teens of all learning styles to thrive as they pursue songwriting, recording, and producing. This K-12 program is available during the school year and summer. Learn more about iD Tech’s 1500 Sound Academy Music Production course.