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Breaking into any field can be tough, but learning how to become a musician is extremely difficult and can take years of hard work, as well as a little luck. From advocating for yourself to properly mixing your own sound, there’s a lot to learn about the music business. At 1500 Sound Academy, we want to encourage artists to explore their craft and get the most out of their skills. If you want some tips about how to become a musician, we have the knowledge you need to succeed in the music industry.

Gain a Broader Understanding of How to Effectively Increase Exposure

Sure, having great reviews on Soundcloud is excellent, but are those comments and reviews translating into sales and revenue? When you’re thinking about how to become a musician, it’s important to think about the sale of your music. From playing songs on the radio to making them available on streaming platforms, there’s a lot you can do to increase engagement. Reviews are great, but many people don’t go out of their way to search for good music, so you need to get your work out there for people to hear. In your journey to learn about the music business, the best lesson is to increase your exposure as much as possible.

Improve Your Networking Skills

Networking is crucial in most professions, and it’s even more so in the music industry. When you’re learning how to become a musician, it’s important to develop relationships with the right people. Whether it's a producer at a record label or other talented artists, other people can be a helpful asset as you seek to break into the music industry.

Don’t Get Taken Advantage Of

The music industry is notorious for exploiting artists and their work. If you’re just learning how to become a musician, you should keep your guard up. Learn about contracts, copyrights, licenses, and all the other legality involved in the music production process. From recording original tracks to music distribution, you need to ensure both that you’ll get paid and get the recognition you deserve.

Open Yourself Up to More Career Opportunities

Maybe you started off as a lead singer in a band, but the more you learn about the music business, the more you realize you like producing. When you explore all avenues in your journey to become a musician, you open yourself up to multiple opportunities. You may not make it as a lead vocalist, but you might have the chops to create a unique sound singing with or backing up other vocalists. Putting yourself into new situations helps you gain a deeper understanding of your own abilities and your options, which can give you a better chance of making it in the industry.

Above all, remember to work with passion and take pride in your craft. While there are many pitfalls in learning how to become a musician, people do make it and so can you. Learn more by enrolling in 1500 Sound Academy’s online courses and take your music career to a whole new level.