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On-Campus and Live Online
Many people are lucky enough to have an ear for music, but to use this sense properly, you need to have a strong foundation. By taking our music production course online or on campus in Los Angeles, you’ll get the chance to learn the fundamentals of digital music production, including drum sequencing, music theory, and even things like studio etiquette that will allow you to navigate your way through the music business.

Get Live with Ableton

1500 Sound Academy is an Ableton-certified training center, so our instructors know exactly how to use the premier DAW to its full potential to elevate our music production course. If you’re not sure what Ableton is, it is widely regarded as the music industry standard and offers cutting-edge features that give you options for on-the-fly creativity and endless experimentation. It is extremely powerful and intuitive, which has turned it into the perfect platform for beginners and experts alike. Enroll in our music production class either on campus in Los Angeles or online and learn more about Ableton.

A Proven Curriculum

All our students at 1500 Sound Academy come to us because they have a burning passion for creating music. They’re artists who defy convention and push the boundaries of what’s possible. Many of them are self-taught and have advanced as far as they can on their own. Nothing else out there can compare to studying with world-renowned producers while attending our music production course in Los Angeles. If your ultimate goal is to become a reputable producer, you must have the in-depth knowledge that 1500 Sound Academy can provide through our programs.

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Want to find out more about our academy and see how we can help you make the next big hit? Check out our alumni showcase to hear work from students who graduated from 1500 Sound Academy. If you’re ready to make the next move in your musical career, we recommend signing up for any number of individual courses or all six of them to learn the ins and outs of the industry. Whether you’re taking our music production course in Los Angeles or online, you’ll be taking a huge step in furthering your understanding of music as well as the industry.

For those who wish to learn at their own pace, 1500 Sound Academy also offers On-Demand Online Music Courses. Simply purchase the courses that interest you the most and you’ll be able to complete them whenever and wherever you want.

Whether you prefer live online classes or in-depth On-Campus Music Courses, we are all about providing learning opportunities for musicians. Start the enrollment process today and join the ranks of the legendary producers at 1500 Sound Academy.