Saweetie Gave A Class In Confidence 101 With The Pretty B.I.T.C.H Rena – 1500 Sound Academy icon

Saweetie is here to teach us that being pretty is about more than look, it’s a mindset. The Icy bae taught a class at 1500 Academy called the PRETTY B.I.T.C.H Renaissance Workshop where she gave lessons on how to boost your confidence.

In a video uploaded to her Instagram, she gave each attendee a rose to symbolize their beauty and how powerful they are. During her lesson, she shows the class how to turn the word b**** into an empowering acronym to describe themselves: Boss, Independent, Tough, CEO and Hyphy, an ode to her Bay Area roots. She also broke down what it means to pretty and explained that more than your looks has to resonate with people.

“Pretty is like your aura,” she said. “It’s your confidence. It’s how you treat other people.”

After every one said what they loved about themselves, Saweetie prompted them to write a love letter to themselves.

“Admire yourself, appreciate yourself,” she said. “Talk about how smart you are, how sexy you are, how much you love your body, how much you care for other people, your confidence, how much you make other people laugh.”

She also encouraged the ladies to believe that they are beautiful no matter how long their hair is, how much makeup they have on and with or without nails. Saweetie definitely practices what she preaches because she was oozing with confidence when she revealed her big chop and turned heads with her blonde baldie.

The “Best Friend” rapper is serious about taking her talents from the booth to the classroom. Next semester, she’ll be teaching classes in Venture Feasibility and Venture Initiation as a guest lecturer and will be formulating her own lesson plans at the University of Southern California. She’s also the new face of MAC’s latest campaign, Challenge Accepted, where MAC lovers are called on to show how their MAC makeup products kept them stunning no matter the weather or the conditions.