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Producers behind your faves’ hit records have collaborated for a new music venture.

Hit-Boy and James Fauntleroy — who have worked with the likes of Beyoncé, Jay-Z, and Rihanna — are the producers behind Bored Ape Rock Band Kingship’s album, Bloomberg reports.

Creating The Bored Ape Rock Band's Album

The rock band is an NFT supergroup signed to 10:22PM.

As previously reported by AfroTech, Bored Ape Yacht Club became one of the most highly sought-after NFT collections.

With the goal of proving “cryptocurrencies and NFTs are viable tools for the music industry,” Hit-Boy and Fauntleroy were tapped to help in creating a fire sound for the band, which they’re each respectively known for doing.

“I’m always looking to push things forward musically,” said Hit-Boy, according to a press release. “And this is a great opportunity to do something new in the web3 space.”

Hud, Arnell, King, And Captain

The project is in its second phase, and so far, the team has put together the selected instrument for each band member.

“Hud, an ape with laser eyes, is a lead singer. Arnell, a mutated ape, is the DJ/drummer. King is the bassist and vocals, and Captain is on lead guitar,” the outlet describes.

​​“They are a rock band with rock ‘n’ roll personalities,” Fauntleroy told Bloomberg. “We are still building out exactly how they’ll express themselves.” 

Prior Experience With NFTs

Before working with the Universal Music Group NV-backed band, Fauntleroy had already ventured into the digital space. He has over 30 NFTs to his name.

“I bought a bunch of things that ended up not being worth anything,” he admitted to the publication. “But when I saw this community, I was like, ‘Oh.’ This is an inevitable transition to fan-based interaction.”

The Potential Ahead

Although the wave of NFTs has slowed down, Celine Joshua, founder of Universal’s 10:22 record label, sees great potential in Kingship and its album.

“It only made sense to bring in the best creators and producers and songwriters,” Joshua said, according to the outlet. “For me, that process led to James and Hit-Boy.” 

“We have seen the fluctuations in the marketplace and the decline of Ether and so many projects not fulfilling promises,” she added. “Consumer sentiment changed. But we decided, or I decided, that we have a development plan.”

A Proven Track Record Of Success

Earlier this year, Joshua reportedly helped generate $1.5 million by selling 5,000 Kingship