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Victrola is thrilled to announce our partnership with Volume Ventures and 1500 Sound Academy. Volume Ventures is an organization which believes deeply in its mission to provide representation and education to musicians and recording artists who are passionate about their craft. Led by Grammy award-winners James Fauntleroy and Larrance Dopson, and powerhouse executive Twila True, Volume Ventures created 1500 Sound Academy to educate, mentor, and develop the next generation of sound creators.


The mission of Victrola to create lifelong music memories in every home aligns perfectly with 1500 Sound Academy, whose innovative approach to music education seeks to embolden its students and breed creativity from confidence. 1500 Sound Academy provides quality equipment, ample rehearsal and recording space, and perhaps most importantly, a faculty who truly loves music and believes in the example they’re setting.


The Victrola team worked closely with the leadership at 1500 Sound Academy to carefully curate these albums to tell the story of popular music from the 20th century to today. Students will have access to this collection and be able to take a trip through the development of jazz, the birth of rock and roll, the powerful anthems of the civil rights movement, and the explosion of hip-hop.

These records were chosen for a variety of reasons, including their historical and cultural significance, production value, and stellar musicianship. Vinyl is the perfect medium for these selections, as the emphasis on album-focused listening helped develop the structure of so many records. They deserve to be listened to as the artists intended.


We invite you to listen along with us. 5% of the proceeds will go to 1500 Sound Academy to help further their mission of helping the next generation of creators realize their full potential.