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Youtube Black Music Future Insiders Scholarship 2022

#YouTubeBlack Music Future Insiders
Scholarship x 1500 Sound Academy

1500 Sound Academy’s Live Online Music & Industry Fundamentals Program
Learn from an On-Campus Instructor in a virtual classroom setting.

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Course Overview

Covers the foundations of digital music production including drum sequencing, music theory for producers, and studio etiquette. Production is taught in Ableton Live period.

Covers vocal recording techniques, digital audio fundamentals and recording templates. Engineering is taught in Pro Tools.

Covers lyric and melody writing, song structure, and song analysis. More advanced aspects of music theory are also discussed.

Covers the fundamentals of music mixing including balancing levels, vocal production and creating space, as well as current mix delivery requirements. Mixing is taught in Pro Tools.

Covers the foundations of managing a music career including publishing, copyright, contracts and taxes.

Covers branding, marketing, song distribution and online presence for music artists, producers and other industry professionals.

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