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What You Don’t Know About the Music Industry

Let’s just get this out on the table: the music industry is not for the faint of heart. If you’re looking to make a name for yourself in this exhilarating but competitive industry, you’ll need to stay informed about all the latest music industry trends and take advantage of the best tips and tricks about the business.

Your Love of Music Doesn’t Guarantee Success

Just because you know virtually everything there is to know about music, doesn’t automatically mean you know anything about the music industry or music as a business. This is something, like all business, that can be taught, but it’s not knowledge you gain overnight. Life in the music industry is exciting, but it takes a huge amount of dedication. Being a fan is way different than being an active participant. Yes, you have to be a fan of music to make it in the music industry, and being knowledgeable about labels and artists is important for your success, but that is just one aspect of a much larger picture.

It Can Be a Long Time Before You Make Any Money

Even if you’re an extremely talented musician, don’t expect to make millions right out of the gate after receiving a few great reviews. Good reviews are important, but they don’t necessarily translate to sales. They do a great deal for helping you book shows and generate interest in your music, but it will likely take more time before you start seeing financial gain.

An important strategy to make it in the music industry is to put your music in a format that will intrigue your fans. This depends on your style of music, but if you find a paid platform or can invest in converting your tracks to vinyl, your fans may surprise you by how willing they are to support you. Here again, it’s crucial to pay special attention to music industry trends. Your audience wants more of your music, so allow them to buy it. Always be on the lookout for innovative ways to put yourself out there, and don’t just copy other artists. Be original! People are attracted to originality, so make the most of this and let your brand shine.

Don’t Get Carried Away With Your Merchandise

We repeat: do not get carried away with selling merchandise. It’s a great way to pull in some extra revenue, but it shouldn’t become your main focus. Your music is the most important thing. Focus on producing the highest quality music you can, and keep your merch in its proper place.

Back to the Basics

These days, it’s easy to obsess with social media as a way to promote your band, or to hop on the bandwagon of any new and exciting app intended to help musicians “get out there”. These can be helpful tools, but again, your music is the absolute most important thing. In the cutthroat music industry, be laser-focused on your product — your music. We’re not suggesting you miss out on innovative new ways to put yourself out there, but do your research before you spend money on an app that advertises its ability to promote you.

You can make a living in the music industry, despite all the obstacles you will encounter. There are plenty of music-related jobs that will more than pay your bills. However, if you’re going into this seeking fame and fortune, you may be disappointed. But if you work hard and are determined, you can make a great living doing what you love.

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