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What is musical style? The answer might be more complex than you think. The world is full of musicians, but you’ll only ever hear a microscopic percentage of them, and that’s usually because they’re changing the game in some way. Nobody’s interested in listening to a copycat, so learning how to find your musical style is absolutely crucial. Discover how to hone your sound with these tips.

1. Play Constantly

How do you get to Carnegie Hall? Practice! They say it was a rare sight to see Jimi Hendrix without a guitar in his hands. What is the best way to find your musical style? It’s cutting your teeth every day and night until you unlock your full potential, then do it even more. Making music for pleasure is great and all, but if you want to make your hobby a career, your goal is to master your craft. A trained musician can recognize another professional with just one note.

2. Listen to Everything

Not just music—everything. There’s inspiration everywhere. From a trotting horse to a passing train, there’s a whole lot to learn if you keep your ears open. Instead of writing a part that sounds like your favorite artist, write a part that sounds like dripping water or a broken air conditioner. What is musical style? It’s creating art from your one-of-a-kind perspective in life.

3. Experiment With Gear

If you’re not finding inspiration with a piano, try a synth. Acoustic guitar not cutting it? Pick up an electric and some effects pedals. The right gear can inspire incredible creativity. At the same time, don’t rely solely on your gear. Use your equipment to find your sound, then figure out how to reproduce that sound on anything. A huge part of learning how to find your musical style is finding the equipment that fits your vibe.

4. Connect With Other Musicians

What is musical style? It’s the combination of a broad spectrum of knowledge that you gain through time and experience. One of the best ways to develop your style is to take inspiration from someone else’s style and build on it in a way that is all your own. Go to concerts. Buy records. Play with other musicians. Try to constantly absorb new information like a sponge. Eventually, all of those influences will morph into something uniquely you. Being a musician is more than a profession; it’s a lifestyle.

5. Get a Musical Education

You can’t break the rules until you know them. Hard work is essential, but it can only get you so far. Beyond learning how to play your own brand of music, you need to be able to navigate the business side as well. After all, what is musical style good for if nobody gets to hear it? Discovering how to find your musical style means taking the necessary steps, and learning from the experts is a huge one.

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