1500 Sound Academy, a trailblazing music production school based in Inglewood, California, and WURRLYedu, an award-winning K-12 music education content platform with a history of partnering with established organizations to provide students access to engaging content and effective instructional tools, have teamed up to offer a series of turn-key Career Technical Education modules to Middle and High School educators. The new curriculum will give students the chance to learn the skills necessary and “try on” a career as a music producer, sound engineer, songwriter, or performing artist. The programs will be designed to be engaging and meaningful and connect to the “real life” of students, both through the music itself, while building a portfolio of work that can be used when job-seeking.

The partnership brings an exciting new curriculum to the arts, entertainment and career technical education to schools K-12 nationwide, as the two organizations have both built their missions on understanding what will engage and connect with people. Now, they are bringing that same experience to classrooms across the country, offering music modules for teachers to learn and teach their students, focusing on music production and songwriting; recording and mixing; and music business and artist branding; beginning with courses: Intro to Music Production and Songwriting, Intro to Recording & Mixing and Intro to Music Business and Artist Branding.

With 1500 Sound Academy’s world-class academy, recording studio and deep relationships to some of the greatest music professionals in the country, helmed by GRAMMY® Award winning producer/songwriters/artists James Fauntleroy and Larrance “Rance” Dopson, schools can now easily gain access to the inside knowledge that the famed academy has to offer through WURRLYedu. The new K-12 music-teaching modules will be offered in a turn-key way so that teachers everywhere can feel confident to lead their class through it.

Says Nadine Levitt, CEO of WURRLYedu: “It wasn’t long ago that the trajectory of education required us to finish K-12, and then decide what we ‘really’ wanted to do. Then students would experiment with a few different interests, and further their study, but not all students can afford to experiment like that. So it is exciting to see schools shouldering some of this responsibility for families. By exposing students to these careers, skilling them up and letting them ‘try it on’ while still at school, it might allow more students to find their purpose much earlier.”

Adds 1500 Sound Academy co-founder James Fauntleroy: “This is a great example of how music education is changing! Availability to curriculum like this not only democratizes access to the creative arts, but it makes it inclusive. Students can have access to very rich content regardless of geography, resources, means, or even needs. WURRLYedu is a top-notch company helping students across the nation, and we are so proud to be involved with such a great organization. We look forward to many years of partnering together, and bringing music and the arts to young, aspiring individuals who may otherwise not have had the chance to experience.”

The new partnership of 1500 Sound Academy and WURRLYedu will shift what would often be regarded as a burden on families and students to try and figure out future careers, to an exciting opportunity of what you can do — putting muscle behind the philosophy that all children have limitless potential.