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What Goes into Professional Song Recording

Sound quality is paramount to success in the music industry. If you’re putting out poor-quality tunes, you’re running an almost certain risk of disappointing potential fans. Professional song recording is essential if you’re looking to make waves in this competitive industry. Fortunately, these days, it’s easier than ever to do professional song recording in your own home with a combination of talent and getting the right equipment capable of producing high-quality beats. Discover our best tips for how to record a song in a studio.

Multitrack Recording

If you’re curious about how to record a song in a studio, familiarize yourself with multitrack recording. Multitrack recording allows an artist to separately record and combine each instrument, which lets you do multiple takes to get each component just right. Without the pressure of perfection on your first try, you have the freedom to play around and get creative. It makes it easier to engineer the sound to your exact aesthetic.


Once you’ve successfully recorded your tracks using multitrack recording, it’s time to edit your product. This means simply cleaning them up to get them ready for your audience. When you’re learning how to record a song in a studio, it’s crucial to master editing because no matter how careful you were in the recording process, you’re going to have some clean-up to do.


Editing consists of the following five tasks: arrangement, comping, noise reduction, time, and pitch editing. There is no shortage of amazing tools available to at-home producers today to assist in the editing process. Do a little research to find which products are most recommended for your genre and style, and ask your mentors and peers what they use. With the right tools, you’ll be producing amazing tracks in no time!


You’re not finished yet. The mixing process is next. Mixing is how you polish your tracks to get the right sound. Knowing how to listen is crucial when you record a song in the studio. There is no one correct way to mix, but knowing the fundamentals is key in producing a hit. You’re going to want to familiarize yourself with things like balancing faders, panning, reverb, compression, and equalization. Sound overwhelming? Get educated by the professionals.


The final step of learning how to record a song in the studio is the mastering process. Before this step, you’ll need to get all of your tracks on a single stereo file. Mastering will put all the finishing touches on your product, including maximizing volume, balancing frequencies, and stereo widening.

These days, professional song recording is available to anyone, but there’s no substitute for learning the industry ins and outs from a professional. Check out 1500 Sound Academy today and discover both online and in-person opportunities that will help take your music from zero to career today.